MaxiTicTacToe is a variant of tic-tac-toe (in Commonwealth English: "Noughts and Crosses").
The game is similiar to tic-tac-toe, but the winner has to get 5 signs in a row instead of 3 (on a 20 x 20 board).

The game can be played either person vs person or person vs computer.

It is possible to get the position suggested by the computer as well as to display all the positions filled from the beginning of the game (to view the last position filled or to recreate the game).

In addition to Xs and Os, there is a position that cannot be marked either by X or O (like black-shaded squares in the crossword grid).

At the beginning of the game, the grid is usually empty, although it is possible to create boards with positions already marked (like in crosswords puzzles where some letters are already filled).
Selecting "Create/Edit game board" in the "Game board" menu, four buttons are shown above the grid allowing to set the X, O, empty or non-markable positions (by clicking on the different positions).
Of course, the boards created can be saved and then uploaded in the memory.

Note: The Company received a public support due to Covid emergency during the year 2020.